A.G. Heinze Company
Well, it was a nice run, but now it's over. After about a gazillion years of selling microscopes, Greg and Ellen Heinze have finally retired and relinquished their distributorship back to Nikon.
This is a picture of the last Heinze-owned building. It was located at 20291 Valencia Circle in Lake Forest. It was about 32,000 square feet of pure joy to work in. Everyone misses it.
Well, everyone except perhaps Greg. This is a picture of Greg at his new office. It's a lot larger than 32,000 square feet, there aren't as many microscopes underfoot, and someone else mows the lawn.
Ellen, on the other hand, has been selflessly volunteering her time at the animal shelter taking care of little guys like these. It's one thing to say you like animals. It's another to stand up for them like Ellen does.